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Rye Pines Live @ MidEast - Dead Ocean Release Show 2.17

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Edward and Alex Performing @ TT the Bears in Cambridge MArye pines buttons ship with every bob records order!dead-ocean-ep-cs-tape

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            rye-pines-live-at-middlesex-tape-release-show'Dead Ocean' Out NOW!good-health-blood-orange-blossom
cover art for "dead ocean" e.p. by rye pines

Dead Ocean on [CS] via Bob Records

A Portrait Of Dissonance As A Young Man

“A Portrait Of Dissonance As A Young Man” [CS] via Bob Records


Blood Orange Blossom

Good Health” 45 Single with Exclusive B-Side “Blood Orange Blossom

AboutEdward and Alex by the graffiti wall in central. photo credit: EYE Design MA “Edward Maguire, singer and guitarist of Rye Pines, moved to Boston in 2008.  He immediately started a band that was regularly playing shows and releasing music.  He became involved with the founding of StarLab studio in Somerville and focused on time based media/performance at MassArt.  By 2011, the band split up and Maguire was broke.  He dropped out of school, experienced close personal loss, and he himself spent some time in the hospital.  Music as an outlet for his personal experiences had been put on hold.  By happen stance, Maguire met Alex Page(drummer) at a bar.  Page had moved to Boston from Vermont in 2009 to live with old friends and occupy their basement.  Page grew up playing in various punk bands, but hadn’t yet started a project since living in Boston. After a few attempts, Page was able to convince Maguire that they should play music together.  Their first album, “A Portrait of Dissonance as a Young Man”, touches on subjects of death, substance abuse, and self-reflection.  The album was put together over multiple months, both at friend’s home studios and in their own practice space.  These songs document the experiences that Maguire went through leading up to the formation of Rye Pines.”- 1.22.15 –